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MIHAI EMINESCU • Chronology / Life, Creation, Cultural Context

Mite Kremnitz Almanach of “Young Romania” Society
April, 17. At Junimea, Eminescu reads a first variant of the poem Luceafărul. All variants to follow will be carefully discussed together with Titu Maiorescu. • October, 28. Eminescu reads Luceafarul in its final form; together with other literary creations of Junimea circle's members, the poem will be submitted for publication in Almanahul Societatii „România Jună” (Almanach of “Young Romania” Society), in Vienna. • P. Ispirescu – Legendele si basmele românilor (Legends and fairy-tales of the Romanians), with an introduction of Vasile Alecsandri, Bucharest. • Birth of the writer Ion Agarbiceanu (d. 1963). • Alexandru Macedonski - Poezii (Poems) • 1883, January - February. The poet is in hospital, in Bucharest. In the meetings of Junimea, Mite Kremnitz reads the German version of Luceafărul, which will be included, the same year, in Rumanische Dichtungen. • February, 16. Irritated by the quality of the new colleagues imposed in the editorial office by the Conservative leaders of the time, Eminescu sends his resignation from Timpul, which will not be accepted. In the correspondence with his brother Nicu, now at Ipotesti, the poet makes mention of his intention of buying back the family's estate. • March, 30. Iosif Vulcan participates to one of Junimea's meetings in Bucharest. On this occasion, Eminescu entrusts him seven poems:S-a dus amorul, (Our love has fled) Când amintirile... , (When thoughts of past things...), Adio (Farewell), Ce e amorul (And what is love), Pe lîngă plopii fără soţ (Along the row of poplars odd), Şi dacă... (If branches...), Din noaptea... (Out of the night...), to be issued in Familia, in which he had published for the first time in 1866. • April. In Almanahul Societatii academice social-literare „România Jună” (Almanach of the academic social-literary „Young Romania”Society), issued in Vienna, the poem Luceafărul is published in a variant of 98 stanzas. • May. Familia publishes the poems S-a dus amorul and Când amintirile. In a letter addressed to Iosif Vulcan, the poet thanks him for the honorarium sent, confessing that it was for the first time that his collaboration to a literary publication had been paid. • Gh. Eminovici lets the poet know of Nicu's getting worse, and asks him to find an asylum for his brother. Arrived in a moment in which Eminescu himself was prematurely worn out by his own health problems, by the permanent embarassing material situation and by the exhausting job at Timpul, such news could not but aggravate the poet's unbalanced condition. • June. Eminescu comes to Jassy as a representative of the newspaper, to participate to the unveiling of Stephen the Great's statue. The Junimea circle of Jassy organizes, on the 4th of June, an ad-hoc meeting, in which the poet reads Doina, a poem that electrified the audience. • June 10-28. The poet's health condition is visibly worsening; after a violent attack, he is shut up in Caritatea, Dr. Sutu's sanatorium in Bucharest. • June, 17. In Familia, the poem Adio (Farewell). [next]

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